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Western Art / Western Cowboy Art           Western Ranch Art showing today's cowboy
  Western Art / Western Cowboy Art          Western Ranch Art Showing Today's Cowboy    

 Why is there still interest in Cowboy Art in today's urban technology world?     My Answer

Western Cowboy Art

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Western Art

These beautiful art pieces by Ronald Wilkinson are displayed in my home and bring me such pleasure every day. They draw the attention and admiration of all who come to my home. I have a portrait of me and my daughters capturing a time past. Two gorgeous still life paintings.  A painting of a cowboy on a sorrel horse in a colorful setting of desert sage & rabbit brush which I especially enjoy. Last but not least a drawing of the Savior in sepia tones showing a beautiful light in His eyes. This collection is dear to my heart and has special meaning to me and I am so appreciative for them.
                                               Jennifer Rushforth Peterson
It looked nice on the internet, it is beyond words in person. We can't begin to tell you how much we love your painting.                                                                           Laura and Dean Sundrla


I must say, I was a bit put off by the name of your website (master-artist.com), but after review, the title is most certainly justified! Your paintings really are masterpieces!                                                                                                                                                                                                         Robert Berry, Curator | Nico Gallery, Chelsea, NY


These are some super paintings. Your western Art and cowboy art paintings are great.                                                                                                                                                                              Hilliard Moore Great Western Art Gallery Denver, CO
I studied art at the university and when we saw your artwork it was the best we have see for a long, long time. You captured the essence of the western life as good as any artist we have seen.                                                                                                                                                        Theo and Lesli McKeen

Ronald Wilkinson is my favorite artist. I am so impressed with his range of abilities. I have three oil paintings and several conti crayon drawings in my home. I enjoy both his classical and western art. I love how he is able to focus so completely on the subject he is painting and really capture the essence and feeling of what he is painting whether it is a simple portrait or a complex scene with motion and a variety of subjects. His use of burlap as a canvas is unique and enhances his works with texture which he is so wonderful at working into the subject of the painting. The overall effect is breath taking. I am also impressed at how well he is able to create a similar effect with a traditional canvas. His use of color and skin tones is unparalleled in my estimation. Overall I consider him to be one of the premier artists with a broad range of abilities that can speak to any audience.
                                                                 Ronda Dettmar

Should We Use Photography for Painting?
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Different purchasing methods                                                     All prices are shown on the individual painting pages. The Original Price, the Giclee Print Price and if there is a Sale Price it will be shown above the BUY NOW button. I also accept Personal Checks, but the painting will not be sent until the checks clears the bank.

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Do Wild Horses Need Management?
Wild horses are exciting to see running across the western plains.
      The BLM (Bureau of Land Management), a government organization, is directed to manage Federal Lands and keep these wild horses in balance with their environment.
     You may read this exciting story on the painting page
of the horses you see below. The lead horse has a very interesting name.
Why Burlap?
Burlap is an interesting material upon which to paint my western art. If you will click on the "Why Burlap?" link here or at the bottom of the Gallery page you may understand why I enjoy Burlap. The picture to the left shows the back of one of my paintings showing an old potato sacks which I used for some of my Western Art and Cowboy Art paintings.

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