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This simple illustration is a far better representation of Ronald Wilkinson Artist, because it shows the youthful and exuberant nature he exhibits at age 84.


      A lifetime love affair with visual fine art, best describes my background. In Kindergarten I won my first award with a sculpture of a cat in a curled up position. From that time forward, art has been my passion. I have studied at Weber College under Farrell Collett, Brigham Young University under Dick Stuart and the University of Utah under Alvin Gittins.

      After completing my education at the University of Utah, I found myself broke and a family to support. The advertising field was my only option.  I have been associated with top advertising agencies in both Canada and the western United States as well as major US corporations. The positions I have held with a few of the largest are: Northwest District Manager at Skaggs Drug Centers (American Stores Company); Senior Artist at Showacre, Coons, Shotwell and Adams Advertising, Communications Manager and Advertising Manager at Morrison Knudsen Company, Creative Director at Francis, Williams and Johnson Ltd., Advertising Agency and Public Relations Counsel / Alberta Canada; I have also been the owner of two very creative and art oriented advertising agencies... Wilkinson Advertising and Marketing and Wilkinson & Gessel Advertising.  I now have master-artist.com a marketplace for my paintings on the Internet

     In addition to my advertising career I have taught life painting, portrait painting and basic and advanced painting at "Weber State University" in Ogden, Utah, and at two private art schools..."Riverside Art Center" in Riverside, California and "Bertha Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden, Utah. I am a  cowboy artist / western artist / classical realist artist and a past Chairman and past Board Member of the Visual Arts Association / Utah and a past Board Member of the Saint George Arts Commission.

Philosophy of Painting

       As you will see, traditional realism in life painting is my passion. "When we consider the infinite variety of action of the human and animal forms, their grace and strength of movement in any given moment, it requires a knowledge of structure, an understanding of action and of insight into character to capture the true image."
      It has been said, "Like man himself is a subtle merging of mind and matter. The artist's task is to express both at the same time, by minimizing the discrepancies and magnifying the similarities between the inner and outer selves. The    best artists make an image that shows the two parts merged in harmony." It, like no other, brings an emergence of       life to canvas.

Ronald Wilkinson Artist