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When the first snow falls they are homeward bound

 Commissions - Awards 


Points of Interest:

   Appointed a Judge of one of the largest commercial art show in the western United States... ”Best of the West”, held that year in San Francisco, CA.

   Named one of the top five illustrators in the Inter- mountain West.

   One of the artists picked for the advertising of the Worlds Fair in 1974.

   Painted portraits for retiring executives of Fortune 500 Corporations.

   Many portraits / Western Art and Cowboy Art paintings / drawings in private collections across the United States.

Western Art / Western Cowboy Art
If you have a special cowboy art or western art interest you would like to have painted please contact Ronald Wilkinson at: 1-435-652-2197 or an email message.  ronald.wilkinson@yahoo.com

Awards                                                                                                                                          I have won five National and International Top Awards, six major Regional Awards, and many, many Best of Show or other award in our local shows. 

At the age of 83  I don't enter many national or regional shows anymore. Travel is just too much trouble.