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American Artists

If painting  techniques are international almost by definition, subject matter is not. American  painting remains unmistakably American, and no other  nation's painters have so  consciously drawn their inspiration from their native land. Thomas Cole, the founder of the Hudson River School, urged his followers to wed themselves to the American landscape. Thomas Ekins said that to create art worthy of the nation, artists should "peer deeper into  the heart of American life."
    Such admonitions could be reversed for laymen to show that American painting affords an unexcelled insight into the nation's life, past and present.  Vigorous, varied, and spacious as the continent itself, it opens a thousand windows on the American heritage and home.                                                                                      Alexander Eliot

You may contact me for Western Art and Cowboy Art in the following ways: 

       Phone: 1435-652-2197  or E-mail: ronald.wilkinson@yahoo.com

This western art rodeo painting shows a cowboy holding on, while his horse stumbles, to beat his 8 seconds time limit.

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You may contact me in the following ways: Phone: 1-435-652-2197
Because sometimes this contact form doesn't work contact me by e-mail  ronald.wilkinson@yahoo.com