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Judas Horse
Oil on Canvas - 22" X 28''
Western Cowboy Art  

   Wild Horses

The tale of the "Judas Horse" painting illustrates the method the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) uses to round up wild horses in the western United States. Judas, of course, was the apostle who betrayed Jesus Christ. So this painting shows the lead horse betraying the herd.

The BLM uses helicopters to start the roundup. As the herd is directed close to the prearranged hidden corral the hidden Judas Horse, which is a trained tame horse, and a six-shooter horse, is released from its hidden place out beyond the corral, to join the herd. As it enters the herd it races past the lead stallion and leads the herd into the hidden corral. Before the herd realizes they are trapped, the judas horse is released out of the corral and the gate is shut...thus “The Judas Horse.”


Original $4,800 Giclee Print $330

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