Samuel "Sam” Bass (1851-1878) - Born on a farm near Mitchell, Indiana on July 21, 1851, Bass hated school and by the time he grew up, he was illiterate. As a young man, he moved to Denton, After some disappointing work he signed on to help drive some cattle up north. He squandered all the money he had earned in gambling and soon after Bass became a true outlaw and began to rob stage-coaches in the Dakotas. Later, he organized a gang, robbing trains and banks.

Mar 25, 1877 - They began their outlawry in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where they robbed the Deadwood Stage 4 times in 2 months, with a total haul of 7 peaches and less than $50. On March 25, 1877 Sam Bass made his fifth attempt, two miles from Deadwood

Sept 18 1877 - The first and largest train robbery happened near Big Springs in 1877, when outlaw, Sam Bass and five companions made off with $60000 in gold and currency.

1878 - The gang soon headed back to Texas and planned to rob a bank in Round Rock. However, they were unaware that the gang had been infiltrated with an informer named Jim Murphy, who set a trap for them. Sam at this time had let his mustache grow and was wearing smoky quartz glasses to cover his eyes. When they went to rob the bank on July 19, 1878, the Texas Rangers were waiting and in the inevitable gunfight, Seaborn Barnes was shot in the head and Bass was severely wounded. Though he made it to his horse and rode out of town, he was found lying helpless in a pasture north of townthe next day.Bass                 was brought back to  Round Rock where  he died on July 21st. It was his 27th birthday.

Outlaws Aren't Always Smart
                                              I painted this cowboy art painting of Sam Bass on burlap because I felt the texture of the burlap fit his personality just right… rough, obtrusive, yet simple in nature.
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Outlaw Sam Bass
Oil on Burlap - 38" X 66"

Original $9,500 Giclee Print $1,500
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