Why Burlap ?


  You can see I have used burlap for this Cowboy Art painting.        The back of the painting

Great Surface for Western Art, Western Cowboy Art

Back in the late 1800’s Burlap from India became a fabric used in the western United States, mostly for the backing of carpets and for curtains. Almost any material was used by the artist such as bone, wood, canvas, paper, etc., upon which to paint. Burlap became desired by the artist for its cheapness and durability.

I became interested in burlap because of its use by the western artists of that period. It will last as long as canvas if prepared properly. The sizing material I use is “Rabbit Skin Glue”. Sometimes it takes two or three coats, on the painting side, for it to last for centuries. As you can see from some of my paintings (sample on the right), I have used old potato sacks with the label printing showing on the back of the painting.


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